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The first step toward better health, healing, and positive change begins by scheduling a free Discovery Session. All coaching starts here. Many people find that this initial session alone gives them renewed hope and an uplifted sense of clarity, encouragement, inspiration, and positive direction. The Discovery Session is approximately 60 minutes long and includes:  


• Time for sharing your personal story and history with Mark, including your goals and objectives for coaching.

• The opportunity for you and Mark to get to know each other.

• An overview of how Holistic Life Coaching works, including the structure of coaching and what you can expect.

• Time to address any questions or concerns you may have.

• A full review of all coaching options.

• A recommended course of action provided to you based on your individual needs and current situation.

Contact Mark today to schedule a free Discovery Session:

Telephone: (530) 274-2020

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Holistic Life Coaching packages & rates

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Holistic Life Coaching is one of the best investments you can make. It is an investment, first and foremost, in yourself. You can use Holistic Life Coaching to not only improve your health and quality of life, but to also access your full potential for success and positive change in any area of your life. The investment you make into yourself and your life also brings many positive benefits to the people in your life, including your spouse, partner, children, friends, co-workers, and colleagues. 

One of the greatest advantages of life coaching is the ease, convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency it offers. Nearly all of Mark's coaching appointments are conducted by telephone or Skype. This allows the sessions to be held in the convenience of your home or office. Location is no obstacle. (For clients living in or near Grass Valley and Nevada City, CA, in-office and on-site appointments are available. Mark also provides on-site appointments upon request at your office, home, healthcare or treatment center for clients located in Colfax, Meadow Vista, Auburn, New Castle, Penryn, Loomis, Granite Bay, Rocklin, and Roseville, CA.)  



Platinum Life Coaching

12-week (3 month) Platinum Package

Includes a total of TWELVE weekly 1-hour sessions  

Includes up to two short calls between sessions (5 to 10 minutes)

Includes e-mail and text support between sessions

Save $540 off the standard single-session rate, and receive valuable phone, e-mail, and text support between sessions! The platinum package is all-inclusive and offers the highest level and degree of coaching available. 

Cost: $1,440  ($120 per session)



Gold Life Coaching

8-week (2 month) Gold Package 

Includes a total of EIGHT weekly 1-hour sessions

Includes up to two short calls between sessions (5 to 10 minutes)

Includes e-mail and text support between sessions

Save $280 off the standard single-session rate, and receive valuable phone, e-mail, and text support between sessions!The Gold Package provides the same level of coaching as the Platinum Package with four fewer sessions.

Cost: $1,040  ($130 per session)


Monthly Package

Monthly Life Coaching

4-week Monthly Package

Includes a total of FOUR weekly 1-hour sessions  

Includes up to two short calls between sessions (5 to 10 minutes)

Includes e-mail, phone, and text support between sessions

Save $100 off the standard single-session rate, and receive valuable phone, e-mail, and text support between sessions!The Monthly Package offers the same level of coaching as the Platinum Package and Gold Package and provides you with four full-length sessions.    

Cost: $560  ($140 per session) 


Single Focus Session

Includes one full-length 60-minute session

Includes limited post-session e-mail follow up

Single Focus Sessions give you immediate help and support with a clearly defined goal, such as passing an important exam, preparing for an upcoming surgery, or getting ready for an upcoming interview, event, or performance that calls for peak conditioning. The Focus Session is also used to get immediate direction and help with coping with a sudden or unexpeccted change in your life. Limited e-mail support is provided after the session. You will receive custom tools and self-support techniques you can use on your own after the session to stay focused and help ensure a positive outcome.    

Cost: $165 per session 



Questions and Answers

Life Coach FAQHow long does Holistic Life Coaching usually take? How many sessions do I need?

This question is answered during the free Discovery Session. Many factors determine the length of coaching that's needed to reach the outcome you desire. First and foremost, I look at how broad or narrowly focused your coaching goals and objectives are. Your personal history, overall level of motivation, and the quality of support structures in your life are important considerations as well. With that said, it often takes around three months to fully realize the many benefits that life coaching offers. After three to six months of weekly coaching, many clients then choose to follow a scaled down coaching regiment of one to two sessions per month, as a way to stay focused and to enjoy having a source of ongoing motivation, inspiration, support, and accountability. 

Creating positive change and experiencing healing and transformation is an individual process that asks for committment. It's an investment in yourself, and it's an investment that will benefit many others as well. Holistic Life Coaching gives you substantial life-long returns in many ways. What you take out of your life coaching experience will remain with you throughout the rest of your life. 


If I sign up for a package, do the sessions need to be completed on a monthly basis, or are sessions allowed to roll over?

Yes, sessions do roll over into the following month if things come up and you need some time off. To get the most out of life coaching you are encouraged to commit yourself to the process of change through consistency and by following a regular session schedule. Going into coaching with a monthly mindset helps you avoid procrastination and serves to minimize the undermining effects of life's many distractions. Such distractions, when left unchecked, derail the process of change and keep you from making the progress you are truly capable of enjoying.


What should I do if I want to sign up for a package program but I'm not 100% sure if coaching is right for me? Do you give refunds?  

Deciding to commit yourself to a life coaching program is an important life-changing decision. In life, very few things are 100% certain. Development, positive growth, and change require taking a healthy degree of risk in order to move out of the comfort zone and into the realm of new possibilities. If you feel uncertainty or fear about making the decision to sign up for a program, I will work with you in the Discovery Session to find a suitable arrangement that minimizes risk while helping ensure your commitment to change.    


Can I get a refund if I sign up for a package and end up achieving my goal sooner than expected? 

As with most all other professional services, refunds are not given if expectations are exceeded or not met. If you sign up for a package program and achieve your goal sooner than expected, then you can rightfully say that your investment paid off. Any remaining sessions can used for continued growth or new development in other areas of your life.


Are sessions transferrable to a family member or friend? Can I sign up for a program with a friend and split the sessions between us?  

Each program I offer is client specific. I spend considerable time and energy on getting to know each person I serve through life coaching. In addition, every session I provide is custom prepared in advance for each individual person. Because of this, sessions are not readily transferable or to be shared between friends and family members. The focus of Holistic Life Coaching is you!


With all the life coaches out there, what makes your service special, unique, and original?

The easiest way to answer this question is to look at the qualities of both "depth" and "span". In the context of life coaching, depth refers to how much of your potential is being recognized and accessed in the coaching process. Are you and your life coach paying attention to only your immediate thinking mind? Or is your whole Self being acknowledged, including your capacities for deep insight and intuition, heightened awareness, creative problem solving, pattern recognition, body wisdom, and access to regenerative states of consciousness? Working with these transpersonal (trans-egoic) potentials you carry within yourself greatly empowers and accelerates the change and healing process. Along the way, you will also enjoy discovering hidden, less integrated parts of yourself that hold the potential you need to bring about the change you desire. The life coaching I provide recognizes and puts you in touch with these deeper potentials you carry within yourself.    

In addition to the degree of depth your life coach provides you, it is also helpful to look at span as well. Span includes all the various tools and techniques that are used as part of the coaching process. With narrow or limited span, your life coach will only be working with techniques that are derived from and adopted to the thinking conscious mind. With narrow span, your coach will inadvertently dismiss other, likely far more effective techniques that would otherwise be of great value, benefit, and support to you.

Like everyone else, life coaches too can fall into the narrow confines of egoic mind structures. When that happens the coach's span of "acceptable" techniques is severely limited, thereby turning life coaching into nothing more than a process of glorified goal setting aimed at facilitating change from only 5% of your mind's true potential. One of my unique strengths as a life coach is the wide span of techniques I have developed and refined over many years of practice. The techniques I base my practice on include both the straightforward mechanics of goal setting at one end of the spectrum, all the way through to quantum, transpersonal, archetypal, subtle energy, and collective 'field' techniques at the other. The span of coaching I provide gives you access to an impressive range of tools and techniques that are not found in traditional coaching. As your life coach, I am here to provide you the depth and span that will accelerate, deepen, and empower the process of healing and change within yourself and your life.

Additional information is available in the About section on this website.   


How long have you been a life coach? What is your education, training, background, and credentials?  

Experience imageI have had the fortunate opportunity to serve individuals as a Holistic Practitioner and Life Coach for 24 years. I have skillfully conducted thousands of sessions and have successfully helped many hundreds of people heal, change, and transform themselves and their lives in positive and lasting ways. I also bring an exceptionally strong academic background to the coaching relationship.

  • Master of Arts (MA) degree in Holistic Studies from John F. Kennedy University (1996).
  • Graduate of the California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences (1994).
  • Certified Hypnotherapist and Behavioral Therapist (1994).
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Psychology from San Diego State University (1992).
  • Author and publisher of 40 self-help/self-hypnosis/visualization CD programs 

  • Additional background, experience, and training include:

Transpersonal and Depth Psychology, Integral Theory, Mind-Body Medicine, Mind-Body Healing, Biofeedback, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Medical Hypnosis, Altered States of Consciousness (ASC), Meditation and Eastern Philosophy, Guided Imagery, Psychoimmunology, Creative Visualization, Spiritual Counseling, Transpersonal/Archetypal Astrological Counseling, Dreams and Dreamwork, Alchemical Studies, Eastern and Native American Spiritual Traditions, Systems Theory, Energy and Sound Healing, Parapsychology, Transformative Art.