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Mark Bancroft, MA, is a Holistic Life Coach and Holistic Pracitioner with 24-years experience in helping people enjoy positive change, healing, and transformation. An uplifting and empowering approach is taken that invites you to work with your whole self to enhance and strengthen the health and well-being of your body, mind, and soul. The holistic approach Mark provides deepens the life change and empowerment process, which allows you to experience lasting results in a fraction of the time required by more conventional methods that utilize only a limited amount of a perons's innate potential for change and transformation.

Mark is highly trained and skilled at guiding people through difficult challenges and inner obstacles that block change, healing, and transformation. He provides you the freeing space and presence to put you in touch with your whole-self potential to powerfully heal and transform yourself and your life. Mark offers a comfortable, non-threatening, and non-judgemental environment for you to come to know and experience greater ease, balance, and success within yourself and your life.


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Having facilitated over 10,000 private and group sessions, Mark has helped many hundreds of people experience positive change and lasting results. The service and support Mark provides draws from years of study and experiential application of holism, consciousness studies, altered states of consciousness, hypnosis and hypnotherapy, transformative healing arts, holistic health principles, systems theory, depth psychology, quantum physics, mind–body healing, philosophy, and East/West spiritual practices. Mark is also the author and publisher of 40 Holistic Hypnotherapy CD programs.


Through rigorous academic training, continuous personal inquiry, and experiential work as a Holistic Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner, Mark offers a professional, insightful, and results-oriented life coaching service to his clients. Positive change, enhanced awareness, healing, transformation, goal attainment, and the healthy resolution of life issues and problems are some of the key objectives of his work.


As your Holistic Life Coach, Mark brings unparalleled knowledge, skill, and expertise that come together to provide you a solid foundation capable of supporting your inner process of change, healing, and transformation. Having this deep level of support available to you unlocks the special qualities, abilities, and potentials you carry within yourself that make you the special person you are.    


Education & Training

  • MA: John F. Kennedy University. Master of Arts in Consciousness and Transformative Studies, Pleasant Hill, CA. 

  • BS: San Diego State University. Business Management with emphasis in Psychology. San Diego, CA.

  •  Graduate: California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences. Sacramento, CA.Certified Hypnotherapist: CHT #394-285, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

  •  Co-founder: Alternative Solutions Hypnotherapy Services, Sacramento, CA (1994-1996).

  •  24-years professional experience in holistic health and healing, and in most all aspects of personal, professional, and spiritual development.



Mark Bancroft StoryI find it deeply rewarding to be in a position to truly support individuals in living healthier, happier lives. Each of us has tremendous potential to empower, heal, positively change, and transform ourselves and our lives. Each of us is uniquely special and brings one-of-a-kind gifts into the world. And, through life's challenges and difficulties, it is easy to lose touch with whom and what we essentially are. When that connection is lost, we fall into imbalance and lose ourselves in thought and the outer world of form. The dream (waking world/Maya) becomes real and starts living the dreamer—the Self falls into unconsciousness, into darkness. In my work, I serve as a guide to others, appreciating and giving respect to each person's individuality, the life path they are on, and the potentials they hold inside. By seeing and relating to others for whom they essentially are, beyond the egoic mind, I am able to recognize and work with an individual's potential for change, healing, and transformation...even when the individual is not able to see it or has lost touch with it within themselves.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is the sheer amount of diversity it offers. I work with people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, nearly all ages, and for all kinds of reasons. I see people who have tried everything and turn to me as their last hope at ending their pain and suffering. I assist people who just need a little support and guidance on a specific problem or a minor issue they find annoying, such as nail biting or the fear of flying. I get to work with teens and children who are having difficulty at the very start of life, and I help people go through retirement, their twilight years, all the way through to the closure of life by helping individuals through the process of death and dying. I've been able to guide others to come to terms with and put an end to a life-long addiction that has caused great suffering to themselves and the lives of others. I help many people interested in losing weight, and find it truly rewarding to be of help to those that are needlessly living in guilt or shame over their physical appearance. My experience in helping people with cancer and serious health conditions has special significance, for what I offer directly helps alleviate the physical, emotional, and mental pain and suffering caused by serious health conditions. I should point out that this diversity is part of what makes what I offer stand out from more conventional practitioners. It has come to provide me a deeply rich and broad perspective into human nature, and it reminds me each day just how special each individual's life is, regardless of age or circumstance.


Mark Bancroft MA bio photo2When I first set out on my life's work in 1990, I did so by committing myself to an intention that caused me to place the highest standards and utmost integrity on my duty and responsibility to the healing and empowerment of others. There were much easier paths I could have followed, and I am glad I didn't. I have come to find that while working as a holistic practitioner in the "real world" has its challenges, the reward of bringing something uniquely special and of original value to another person's healing and self-change process makes it all worthwhile. I have explored and experienced many alternative healing methods and techniques over the years. The services I offer have passed the test and have proven reliable and highly effective at what they are intended to do—empower, heal and transform the mind, body, and emotions to support health, healing, and positive change. Some of the services that fall into this category are non-conventional and not readily accepted by mainstream opinion. This does not mean they do not hold value; they just aren't well understood at the present time under present conditions. And that's all right, for my commitment is to your health, healing, and self-empowerment process.


My interest in personal, professional, and spiritual development began over 24 years ago when I was studying business management and psychology at San Diego State University. By investigating how the mind and interconnected systems work, I soon realized how powerful thought, belief, and perception truly are. The more I applied the principles of self-development and learned how to work with the power of my subconscious mind, the more I began to experience positive life-changing results, with greater ease and far less worry and stress. By 1992 I had successfully reached my undergradute goals and decided to pursue a career path of helping others. I attended the California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences and became a behavioral therapist specializing in clinical hypnosis. I opened a group practice in Sacramento with two other graduates and together we delved into the healing arts profession. From there I continued my education and training by obtaining a master's degree in holistic studies at John F. Kennedy University. Upon completion, I developed and published a line of 40 holistic hypnotherapy CD programs. In addition to life coaching, I also serve others as a holistic practitioner, offering a wide variety of services that promote and enhance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. My office is located in Nevada City and Grass Valley, California. With the effectiveness, ease and convenience of telephone and Skype sessions, I work with clients from all over the country.


My personal interests and hobbies include writing, teaching wellness classes, meditative practice, cardio-fitness and weight training, fiction and non-fiction reading, bicycling, photography, and music of all kinds. I am currently working on several books, including "The Inner Universe: How to Access and Reach the Deeper Realms of Healing and Transformation;" "Body-Light Holistic Weight Loss;" and "I Can't Wait to Exercise: How to Greatly Increase Your Desire to Exercise."    


If you're interested in health, healing, and positive change, contact me to schedule a free Discovery Session. I look forward to hearing from you and will enjoy sharing the many benefits that Holistic Life Coaching has to offer you.

Mark Bancroft
Nevada City, CA