Holistic Personal Life Coaching

with Mark Bancroft, MA

Holistic Life Coach Mark

All you truly ever have is the present moment you are in—the moment you are experiencing now. Don't let your mind convince you otherwise. Your past and future exist as a thought in the present. If you want to know what your future looks like, look at your thoughts today. Right now, in this moment, is where you will find your power to create positive change within yourself and in life. Taking time now to get centered and present will help you become clear on what you want for yourself in your life. Attaining your goals, improving your health, your work, career and relationships does not need to be a struggle. You absolutely have everything you need now to transform the change process into a rich and rewarding journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.  


The first and only step you need to consider right now, at this moment, is deciding that you are open and willing to make a change. That's it. Once you make it to that point, new doorways can begin to open for you. You don't need to fall into stress, worriment, struggle, or concern over how you're going make things happen. You don't even need to know exactly what the outcome will look like. Simply holding the interior space of being receptive to change is the first step. From this place of willingness and receptivity, Mark can provide you the support, motivation, guidance, direction, and insight to move you forward on your life's journey in healthy and successful ways.


Holistic-Life-CoachingMark has guided and supported hundreds of people through their journey of actualizing positive change. Serving as your personal guide and number-one supporter, he is there to accelerate and deepen the change process so you can experience lasting results in less time and with far less effort, struggle, and difficulty along the way. Mark works with clients on all matters of interest and in many different life areas. He sees people needing extra encouragement, drive, and motivation on reaching an important short-term goal. Mark also works with many people on creating deep-level fundamental life change and transformation, including those going through major life transition in the areas of relationship, work, health, and family.  


Mark has dynamically coached many hundreds of people over the years. He has successfully helped people in a wide range of areas and interests, including: 

  • Abundance and Success
  • Acceptance
  • Anger Management
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Courage
  • Decision Making
  • Empowerment and Self-discovery
  • Ending Self-sabotage
  • Ending Negative Thoughts and Patterns
  • Endings and New Beginnings
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Financial Healing and Prosperity
  • Finding Inner Strength and Answers
  • Focus and Direction
  • Forgiveness (for oneself and others)
  • Goal Setting and Attainment
  • Habits and Negative Behavior Patterns
  • Hopelessness, Despair and Depression
  • Life Direction, Life Transition, and Life Purpose
  • Motivation
  • Parenting
  • Past Events
  • Procrastination
  • Reaching Personal and Professional Goals
  • Reinventing Yourself
  • Relationships (all facets)
  • Self-acceptance, Self-confidence, Self-esteem
  • Self-image Enhancement
  • Social anxiety
  • Subconscious Fears and Blocks





In addition to Personal Life Coaching, Mark also provides Professional Coaching and Health & Wellness Coaching

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