What is Holistic Life Coaching?

Holistic Life Coaching takes traditional life coaching to a much deeper and more inclusive level. The holistic foundation allows you to integrate, focus, and empower your whole self on health, healing, and the realization of your goals, dreams, and desires. Traditional life coaching primarily relies on willpower to make things happen. Holistic Life Coaching recognizes that willpower alone is not enough to effectively create lasting positive change. Mental willpower alone represents a mere 5% of your mind's true potential. Holistic Life Coaching puts you in touch with the other 95% of your potential, and beyond. Working with your deeper potential frees you of the inner struggle, fear, conflict and resistance that so often accompanies the change, healing, and transformation process. Holistic Life Coaching leads you to positive, lasting results in less time and with far less difficulty along the way. The doorway to healing and transformation is opened for you to truly create, live, and enjoy your life to its fullest potential.  


Coaching DirectionHolistic Life Coaching ensures you do not end up striving to reach your goal only to realize it has come at the cost of undermining and sacrificing other key areas of your life. This is a common occurrence. When reference to the whole is lost, fragmentation and imbalance pay a visit in one form or another, both inwardly and outwardly. When imbalance sets in, you become lost in your attachment to your goal and lose your connection to wholeness. One of Mark's greatest skills as a Holistic Life Coach is helping you retain connectedness to the whole, both within yourself and the different areas of your life. By having the holistic foundation guiding you each step of the way, you can enjoy reaching your goals in a way that serves to support you in all areas of your life.


The Many Benefits of Holistic Life Coaching:

• Greater balance, ease, and effectiveness at realizing your goals

• Get out of ruts and old self-limiting patterns

• Frees you of unnecessary struggle, conflict, resistance, and stress

• Brings the deeper, more powerful parts of yourself together in support of your goals and empowerment process

• Avoids imbalance and self-fragmentation

• Provides you a source of whole-self support, strength, encouragement and motivation 

• Accesses and works with the incredible power of your subconscious mind to unlock new potentials and possibilities

• Transforms the change process into a positive, uplifting, and self-empowering experience

• Begins from a place of wholeness and self-acceptance in the present moment, from which you come to enjoy the realization of your goals

• Accelerates the change and healing process by moving you beyond dualistic thinking that separates you from the outcome you desire

• Empowers healing and whole-self transformation

• Includes both traditional and non-traditional/alternative healing and empowerment techniques

• Supports overall improved health, energy, vitality, and well-being to your mind, body, and soul


Personal Life Coaching


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•  Create, live, and enjoy new opportunities in your life

•  Become clear on your goals, dreams, and desires

•  Receive support, guidance, and direction on making postive change

•  Take positive action with dedicated help and support each step of the way

•  Make a new start for yourself and open a new chapter in your life 

•  Develop a greater sense of meaning and purpose to your life

•  Learn how to access collective consciousness in support of your goals


Personal Holistic Life Coaching gives you the motivation, guidance, and direction to decide what you want, and from there serves to bring your dreams into reality. Mark is especially skilled at helping people discover untapped potential within themselves to experience positive life change and lasting results. As your personal Holistic Life Coach, Mark will guide and support you each step of the way. Whether you're already clear on a specific goal or you are looking to completely transform and reinvent yourself and your life, Mark has the knowledge, experience, and skill to ensure you succeed. With Mark as your personal guide and life coach, you will enjoy successful results more quickly and easily, thereby saving yourself months, in many cases years, of unnecessary struggle, difficulty, setbacks and frustration.  


BodyLight: Weight Loss Coaching 

BodyLight Weight Loss Coaching

• Achieve and maintian your optium weight 

• Turn weight loss into a journey of self-empowerment

 • Cultivate unconditional acceptace for yourself and your body

 • Develop a healthy relationship to food and eating

 • Increase your desire, enjoyment, and motivation for exercise

 • Experience physical, emotional, and mental lightness and improved well-being


BodyLight Holistic Weight Loss Coaching takes you and your body on a lifelong journey into lightness. Working within a holistic framework, Mark teaches you how to not only lose weight and keep it off, but more importantly how to inwardly and successfully establish a healthy self-image and body-image to ensure long-term lasting results.

The Downside of Dieting: Statistically, 95% of all diets fail. Most dieters experience losing 10% of their starting weight in 6 to 12 months. Looking farther out we find that the majority of people who go on a diet end up regaining all the weight they lost and more within 3 years. Why is this case? Why can't a person simply reach and maintain their target weight through changes in eating? Because diets invariably fail the dieter. Diets alone are ill-equipped at taking into account the all-important subjective factors that influence and ultimately determine our long-term actions, motivations, drives, desires, and behaviors. The relationship we have to our body, and to food, health, eating, and exercise is deeply subjective. We live out that relationship each day and it becomes our experience. 

The Key to Successful Weight Loss: Make no mistake about it, if your intention is to lose weight and keep it off, you need to reinvent your relationship to food, your body, health, and ultimately, to yourself. Fortunately, there is a way to do this where you do not have to reinvent the entire wheel. The BodyLight Holistic Weight Loss Coaching program has provided successful results to thousands of people. The program has undergone 24 years of development and continuous refinement. With Mark as your weight loss coach, you will be given everything you will need, and more, to not only lose weight and keep it off, but even better, to turn weight loss into one of the most enriching, rewarding, and self-empowering journeys you can take! Click here to find out more about this health-enhancing and life-changing service.          

Health & Wellness Coaching



•  Develop a natural attunement and affinity to health and well-being

•  Enhance and accelerate physical healing and recovery

•  Increase motivation and desire for exercise and healthy eating

•  Receive emotional, mental, and spiritual support for coping with health issues

•  End negative thoughts and behaviors that do not support health and healing

•  Enjoy increased health, energy, and vitality

•  Discover how to use your mind to improve the health of your body

•  Access non-ordinary states of consciousness that promote and accelerate physical healing and recovery 


Improve Your Health:  Your health is one of the most important considerations there is, both to yourself and to others. Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching is designed to put you on the direct path to better health and improved quality of life. For the most part, we all have a good idea about what is needed to ensure good physical health and well-being—eat properly, get enough sleep, minimize stress, avoid substance abuse, and exercise on a daily basis. However, following and living a lifestyle supportive of good health does not come natural or easy to most people, especially today. As your Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Mark will give you the motivation, guidance, direction, accountability, and support you need to make positive changes that will ensure your health and well-being starting today and continuing for many years to come.

Experience the Power of Holistic Healing:  Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching has tremendous benefit and value to offer anyone dealing with a specific medical condition, illness, or disease. Serving as a valuable member to your healing and recovery team, Mark will keep you focused on your healing journey. He will help you establish and maintain the optimum mental and emotional states needed to help your body heal and return to a natural state of health.

With 24 years of experience as a life coach and holistic health practitioner, Mark has helped many hundreds of people through the challenges and setbacks that accompany health problems. In addition to incorporating mainstream health coaching techniques, Mark's deep knowledge base and experience in holistic healing gives you access to non-ordinary healing states and empowerment experiences not found anywhere else. If you are dealing with a health issue, Mark is here to guide you in the process of reaching powerful internal healing states that can accelerate healing and recovery to your body, mind, and soul.     

Professional & Career Coaching


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•  Reach your career and professional goals more effectively and efficiently

•  Establish stronger presence with others and in the world

•  Develop intuition and heightened creativity to advance your career

•  Release self-limiting fears and doubts that block career success

•  Detach and free yourself of work related worry and stress

•  Receive holistic-based support for job loss, job change, and job transition


Holistic Professional & Career Coaching provides you the rare opportunity to not only experience positive change in your career and professional life, but to also bring and establish whole-self empowerment to all aspects to this area of your life. Mark Bancroft, MA, has a strong background in business management and psychology. Having worked as a regional Northern California manager in commercial lines insurance, Mark brings a solid foundation to the business coaching partnership, a foundation based on real-life professional experience of working with some of the nations top insurance carriers. With two decades of coaching people in regard to all sorts of work and career related matters, Mark brings a unique combination of skill, talent, and expertise you can use to heal, empower, and transform your experience of work and career. 


Experience and training that count


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Mark Bancroft MA CHT has over 24 years of experience as a Holistic Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner. Mark brings much to the coaching relationship, providing you a special combination of skill, talent, and expertise not to be found anywhere else. Furthermore, Mark provides his clients with a unique and energizing synthesis of both conventional and non-conventional methods and techniques that are proven effective at bringing about positive change, healing, and lasting results. Mark's solid academic foundation gives his work groundedness, while at the same time ensuring you do not get stuck in outdated coaching techniques that limit or fail to utilize the full potential of your inner resources to create and affect positive change, healing, and transformation within yourself and your life. You are in excellent hands with Mark as your personal guide and life coach. 



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Holistic Life Coach

Mark is pleased to offer you a Free Discovery Session. The session is approximately 60-minutes long and is designed to help you discover what you want and help you learn how Holistic Life Coaching can serve you. The effectiveness of life coaching is largely determined by the strength of the relationship between the client and their coach. Therefore, the Discovery Session is also intended to help Mark discover who you are, in your own right, as your own unique and special person.   

Positive change, healing, and transformation don't happen by chance. They don't just show up one day on their own. If you continue doing what you have been doing, you can be assured that your future will look much like the present. If you want to know your future, look at your thoughts today! If you want your life to be different than it is now, you can bring about healthy change by taking positive action today.    

Working together with Mark as your Holistic Life Coach, you will begin living the life that's yours to live, doing so in a healthy, creative and dynamic way. The coaching that Mark provides is powerful and transformative, capable of deepening and empowering the change and healing process on all levels of your mind, body and emotions. If you are ready to get out of the rut and old routines of the past and are ready to take your life to a new, more empowered level, contact Mark today to set up a free Discovery Session.  


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